Sunday, 23 July 2017

Edwardian-Inspired Plaid Women's Cycling Ensemble

An Edwardian cycling ensemble I made earlier in 2017. The cycling shorts/bloomers and waistcoat are the items for this ensemble that I made, and the rest of the outfit components are made up of items I have in my wardrobe.
The pattern for the waistcoat is a menswear pattern from Simplicity that I adapted to my measurements; I learned a lot of new techniques making the waistcoat, such as welt pockets, buttonholes and using a lining. 
The cycling bloomer pattern is from a steampunk Simplicity pattern in my collection, made wider, with cuffs, and a solid waistband rather than one that has an elastic casing. 
Both are made from a tweed woolen fabric I picked up in America at a JoAnne's, but the waistcoat has a polyester lining and a patterned cotton back, as I could not find anything better locally.
It is not a historically-accurate look, more of an inspired outfit, as originally I was going to use the items for a boystyle Lolita/ouji coordinate. However, I think it is good for a first attempt at a waistcoat, and it definitely has a flavour of the era.
I could style this again, with a handmade shirtwaist and a tailored jacket for a more authentic look; I may take better photos once those components are done, and post them here.


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