Saturday, 23 July 2016

1900s Maude's Big Summer Hat

Made from a Michael's straw hat base, and embellished with net tulle and flowers from IKEA.


  1. Ohgosh ohgosh ohgosh, why, dearest Miss Morris, this is the most delightful hat I've seen this season! Such delicate net and the blossoms, oh my - I love how you arranged them and the colour combination, so sweet! I can't, really can't wait to meet you live!:-) Fingers crossed the weather will be good...

    1. Thank you, dear Rosa, for the lovely comment! I could have stepped it up a notch further by making my own hat base from buckram and covering it with white or striped material, but the buckram I found at the local store was out of my price range (and also, I had this hat base lying around waiting to be used). :)
      I really can't wait to meet you either, I think about it a lot of the time, and I'm so excited! Either way, I'm sure the weather will be better where you are, than it will be at home!



Ellie Morris is a 17 year old studying Art and Design in college, with the hopes of someday working in costume design for film and theater, as well as making bespoke historical garments for special occasions. She is also a published author of historical and romantic fiction, and When the Summer Ends is her first novel. Here is Miss Morris's online costume and design portfolio, which in the upcoming years will hopefully be filled with historical costumes and sketches!


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